Simple DIY techniques to repair laminate flooring

Most of us do not have the budget to call out a repairman every time something gets damaged at home. Depending on the severity of the damage, you can try a few different approaches to repairing your laminate floor yourself with some extra flooring, laminate floor patching material and some cleaning solvent.

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First asses the level of damage

If the damage is minor, such a small scrapes and chips, filler products from the hardware store are likely to offer the best solution. Serious damage will require a plank replacement, which is why it is always good to keep a few extra planks when you are installing your laminate floor. In addition to the extra plank, you will be using a circular saw, hammer and chisel, a drill, wood glue, and a router or chisel saw. The plank replacement should take about two hours.

‘Snap together’ plank replacement

Firstly, you will need to draw a line half an inch or an inch inside all four sides of the plank that needs to be removed. A 3/8-inch relief hole needs to be drilled at each cutting line’s corner and repeated 1/4 inch in from each of the four corners.

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Remove the centre section by cutting from hole to hole with a circular saw. Next, cut from the centre of each corner towards the drilled hole. Lastly, from the centre part, make a relief cut towards the outer seam. Use a chisel to remove the uncut portion by tapping the relief cut and then removing all the pieces.

A new plank – if you do not have one from the installation – can be found at stockists such as It will have a tongue and groove on opposite sides. Cut off the bottom lip of the side tongue and both grooves, then apply a bead of glue to the edges of the replacement plank and drop in place. Remove excess glue and load with heavy books until the glue dries.

Laminate flooring remains a popular choice with wood lovers on a budget and can easily be repaired if you know how to do it.

Get enough information before you start and make sure that you have all the required materials before you attempt to repair your laminate floor. This will usually be a much cheaper option than calling out a repairman.