Simple Fixes for your Flips

When it comes to any business the bottomline is how much money can we make with spending the absolutely least possible. Flipping houses is no exception. It all comes down to the bottom line, profit. So when considering what to fix you have to focus on the things that sell the properties. This blog is a list of suggestions of where to start. This article assumes that you’ve had the home inspected and were certain there was no issue with the property’s “bones” first. Structural issues can sink a flip. Do your due diligence first and make sure that’s not an issue. If that has been accomplished, let’s get rolling.


In a traditional family unit consisting of a husband and wife, you know whose opinion carries a lot of weight? The wife’s. Even if a woman isn’t the most domestically-inclined, having a nice kitchen is still a huge selling point. There is a lot of a person’s life spent in the kitchen. I always recommend starting here first. Get some great looking flooring, add some new countertops, and good looking cabinets. These are all things that can be acquired without breaking the bank. They go a long ways in adding that initial appeal to the home.


Once again, another place that seems to be a huge selling point. It doesn’t have to be a huge and spacious bathroom, it just has to be nice and clean. Adding mirrors, painting the walls and adding new hardware to the doors and bathtub are very simple fixes that make a bathroom look great.


Worn, dirty carpet or flooring makes a even a newer space look old and not well kept. In contrast, newer flooring can make the space feel like new construction. Adding new flooring can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. There are affordable flooring options out there. Go find them.

Painting the Walls

Painting is something that you can do yourself and save yourself some money in the process. Paint really isn’t terribly expensive. Totally worthwhile investment for how much value it can add to a new space. There something about that faint smell of newer paint that makes people think brand new construction even if that is certainly not the case. Find the most trendy, neutral color that you can and get to work. It’s simple but it goes a long ways.

You have to be wise about your investments. These are some of my top recommendations for ways to update a property and get the most out of it with the least amount of investment from you.