Tips When Choosing The Perfect Synthetic Turf

Are you tried of watering, trimming, fertilising and mowing the lawn? Why not switch to synthetic lawn? You won’t just save yourself from those exhausting maintenance task of natural grass but will also achieve a green and pristine looking lawn all year round!

Of course, in order to achieve a great looking lawn using synthetic turf, you have to choose the right product. To have the best synthetic turf from Australian Synthetic Lawns, here are some factors that need to be considered.

The color matters!

Grass is green, so why do you still have to consider the color? Well, simply because synthetic turf does not only come in one shade of color green. Due to technological advances, you can find and choose from wide range of shades. Choose the one that looks most beautiful and natural in the lawn.

Consider its variety.

Do you want a turf with long blade of green grass or rather pick those with short blade? Do you prefer a turf that looks like buffalo grass or the one that mimics the couch? When choosing a variety of synthetic grass, consider the type of grass that grows naturally within your area so it will look more realistic.

Look for quality turf.

Quality synthetic grass will feel soft, evenly backed, will have consistent color and well-stitched tufts. Look for either polyethylene yarns, polyamide turfs, or polypropylene.

How soft is the lawn?

Some synthetic grass feels firm underfoot while the other products are springy and soft. To choose the perfect type, determine the activities to be done in the lawn. A highly durable turf is perfect for lawns that will be used for playing games.

Do not overlook the backing and infill.

Infill is important to keep the synthetic grass looking lush and springy. In terms of backing, synthetic turf can either have latex or polyurethane. The latter is a good option in location that experience harsh and extreme weather. It does not expand or contract.

When looking for the best synthetic grass, you might be lured by the products available at cheap price. Always remember that budget is not all that matters (it is still important, though). Installing a synthetic grass is an important investment so if you want to have a synthetic lawn that can last for years, you should be careful and smart when making a choice.

Achieving a beautiful artificial lawn requires time, effort and money. You have to be patient when searching for the right turf, learning necessary stuff, and setting the budget. Therefore, it is advisable to be wise when choosing a product. Use the information and tips provided here.

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