TRUGUARD Security System for Protecting Your House

Keeping the house safe and secure is everyone’s main concern and for this purpose there are many organizations and institutes that offer gadgets and equipment. TRUGUARD provides the most durable and reliable anti-climb spike fencing and other security equipment to protect your house.

TRUGUARD not only provides anti-climb system and other safety equipment, but also arranges for a qualified and skilled team which can install the system properly to give you a safe environment. All the work is carried out with proper supervision from start to end and it is in compliance with the Public Liability Insurance. The security systems are perfect to be installed at homes, schools, airports, prisons, utility companies, railway stations, and industrial areas.

TRUGUARD Anti-climb Rotating System:

The TRUGUARD anti-climb rotating system is made up of aluminum alloy 6082 which is very durable and can withstand the wear and tear of weather. It has excellent resistance against the weather, moisture, and corrosion. It is made up of a structural alloy and possesses the highest strength. The Spurs of this system are manufactured in T4 Temper which harden the surface and give the whole structure a high tensile strength. The system keeps the intruders and thieves from entering into the services as it keeps on rotating which makes it difficult for them to grip.


TRUGUARD also offers different parts of the anti-climb rotating system. This helps when you already have the system installed and want to replace a damaged part or increase the spurs. Following are the main parts of the anti-climb spike fencing by TRUGUARD:


The TRUGUARD spurs are made up of high tensile aluminum alloy that are corrosion and rust resistant. The distinctive shape of these spurs makes them an ideal choice for most of the people. Normally TRUGUARD recommends installing 14 spurs per meter for maximum security.

Central shaft:

The Central Shaft is that on which spurs are joined. It is 2m in length and is very lightweight but strong and durable. It is made up of stainless steel and there is no chance of corrosion or rusting. Fixing posts and spurs on it is an easy task and it is designed to withstand pressures.

Flush-fit connector:

Flush fit connector is an advanced and smart product designed by TRUGUARD. It is UV resistant made up of nylon. It is used to join multiple shafts and secure the whole system. It also increases the resistance and makes the whole structure stable.