Bahrain Property: Trends and Opportunities

Bahrain comes from the Arabic word “bahr” which means sea. It is an island country surrounded by two seas, and it is also considered as the third smallest country in Asia next to Singapore and Maldives. It is practically the smallest country among Arab countries surrounding it, but its real estate sector has not yet reached its full potential.

According to the Cluttons Bahrain Spring 2017 Property Market Outlook, on the first months of this year, Bahrain boasted of a significant increase in the real estate supply. Despite the reports of a possible breakdown from last year, Bahrain performed well in its property market. With this foreseen potential, the supply became high for real estate properties while the demand stays the same. The tenants and customers might as well be the number one beneficiaries with this supply increase.

As the supply is relatively high, the market became competitive with the properties it offers. The prices are becoming low while maintaining deluxe and top notch properties to offer.

A lot of Bahrain apartments for rent, villas, and other residential properties reflected a solid decline when it comes to prices. However with retail spaces and offices, the prices have been steady though there might be increase or decrease in certain areas.

If you are interested in buying a property, there are main towns and some popular towns in Bahrain to choose from. Whether it is for residence or business, it is handy to know the descriptions of each town for you to have an extensive idea on where to invest and what are the perks and opportunities in store for you in each town. Your purpose in buying a property will define your preferences and will maximize the possibilities you might encounter in the area you choose.


Manama is Bahrain’s capital, home to almost 157,000 people. It is also the largest city, and it is highly urban. It is also considered as the best place to emigrate to according to a global survey. Everything you want and need is accessible, even a stroll on the beach. You might even get lucky to get a Bahrain apartment for rent with an exquisite view of both the sea and the city.


Riffa is a popular residential area. Both East and West Riffa are a favorite for residential properties. It is home to many well-known families, business investors, and the royal family as well. It is one of the fastest growing towns in Bahrain.

Amwaj Islands

This area consists of man-made islands situated in the Northeast of Bahrain. Amwaj Islands is popular for expats for its full sea view and technologies that maintain and preserve the island. The islands have a lot of facilities, even a school and a hospital. This area offers residential properties like villas and apartments, and retail properties as well.


Another popular area for expats is the Saar or Sar. Saar is famous for its luxurious villas that breath elegance. There are more projects to arise in this area which ambassadors, expats, and well-off families inhabit.

More properties are expected to rise with Bahrain’s promising real estate market. Whether you are an expat wanting to move and start a life in Bahrain, a business investor looking for the best area to do business, or a simple citizen who wants to enjoy the opportunities each city has to offer, Bahrain has lots of exceptional properties suited to your wants and needs.