Commercial Property Rates in Mumbai

Mumbai city is known for a number of reasons in different sectors as a hub of the industry. Due to the scale of opportunities in various segments, the city has also got a huge population. It is obvious that to meet the demand of population the number of properties increases but still one can see that the rate of the property is going high due to consistent demand in the real estate sector. The commercial property rates start from a minimum value of 1.5 lacs, which means one can afford a property in Mumbai.

Property rates or values help the buyers or investors and sellers to make choices of properties according to their affordability and requirements. The average value of property in Mumbai is 1.42 crores. Out of 435 localities, around 278 localities have a rise in their price trends whereas 157 localities have a drop in their price trends. These trends are evaluated every six months, that is twice a year. Some particular spots in Mumbai are noted as the commercial hub in Mumbai. Commercial property rates in Mumbai are listed below.

  • Chembur – Price of property per sqft in this area ranges from 2835 to 124908. The average price is 70966 and has a price rise of 44.5% in the past six
  • Goregaon East – Price per sqft ranges from 1723 to 162000 in Goregaon East. The average price of property here is 58099. Prices have risen by 34.6% in last six
  • Dombivali – The price range over here is 754 to 48004 per sqft. The average price of a property per sqft is 22687 and has risen by 4.4% recently.
  • Andheri East – Property price ranges from 4853 to 34343 per sqft, and the average price is 31632. Prices have fallen by 25.99% in the past six months in this area.
  • Bandra West – Property price ranges from 1382 to 90000. Prices have fallen by 27.9% as the average price of a property is 72932.
  • Badlapur East – Price range of properties here is from 2151 to 32487. The average price of a property is 20041, and the prices have fallen by 30.8% in last six

There are a total of 134412 properties in Mumbai with varying price trends. The minimum value is 1.5 lacs, and the maximum value is 85 crores currently in Mumbai. The rates of property mentioned above are subject to change depending on the next valuation of commercial properties in Mumbai for the next six months. wrote that to have professional services and thorough guidance one can contact us. It is a leading real estate service provider company which can offer end to end solution for all your real estate needs.