Five Common Household Fixtures That Leak Water

One of the biggest mistakes you can do inside your own home is to waste water. Most people would think that this natural resource won’t run out but in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you take the usage of water for granted, you are slowly killing our environment. At the same time, wasting water can cost you a lot of money at the end of each month when your bills arrive. Rather than doom future generations and lose a great amount of money, you can take the responsible route and prevent any waste of water. A good way to do this feat is have your home checked for any leaks. Here are some common plumbing fixtures that often have leaks in them.

Concealed Pipes

You may not know it but there is a network of plumbing pipes hidden all around your house. These pipes work by transmitting water directly from its main supply line to different parts of your house, like the bathroom and kitchens.

These concealed pipes can often be found inside your walls. When they leak, you may find a puddle of water at the base of a wall. If you do find this certain puddle of water, you should act quickly and call on reliable contractor to help you out. Fortunately, there is a qualified cheapest plumber Singapore who is more than willing to solve this problem for you.


A toilet bowl is used multiple times in a day. Plus, this bathroom fixture consumes around two gallons of water to effectively flush down the waste inside of it. After quite some time of using a toilet, it will acquire a great deal of wear and tear.

This is true, especially for the drain line connected to its bottom part. When this happens, you can expect water leaking from it and flooding your bathroom floor.


Along with a toilet bowl, your shower is also used extensively by the people residing in your home. A period of 30 minutes consumes several gallons of water that can be really costly if a lot of people use the shower.

This cost will be amplified if there is a leak in your bathroom shower. You will immediately notice water leaking from the showerhead itself or the pipe connecting it to your main water supply. As a result, your monthly water bill will spike in no time at all.


Bathrooms and kitchens have one or several faucets in them. This plumbing fixture can have leaks, especially if it is old and worn out. If you don’t act on this problem, the faucet will break down and release a strong flow of water.

This complication will cause flooding and affect the belongings inside your home. Worse, the water can reach your electrical sockets and cause irreparable damage. Do yourself a favor and tighten your faucet or replace it outright if you see water leaking from it.


Just like faucets, sinks can also be found in kitchens and bathrooms. As such, there will always be small items or pieces of food going down its drain. When these tiny items have accumulated, they will clog up your sink and water won’t be expelled properly.

Furthermore, leaks will occur at the bottom area of a sink if these clogging materials are not removed. These materials will ultimately cause flooding to happen and that won’t be a good thing for your home. Better act fast and get rid of these waste items so your sink won’t leak anymore.