What Vintage Means in Terms of Interior Design

“Antique” could mean a number of different things. One being the antiquity of a place that requires property restoration services. And another meaning being the retro appearance of home décor. This article is all about the latter.

For interior designers, vintage is a coveted word that summons images of checkered picnic blankets and stained glass lamp covers. But there is more to retro than the mental images in your head. So, while you contemplate what vintage décor would look like in your home, take a gander at the explanations for retro in the article below.

Where the Term Retro Came From

Retro means retrograde. Which, in terms of interior décor, is when a past interior design becomes popular again because it was popular back then. Hence, the meaning of the word retro nowadays. It’s not a bad thing for something to be retro, but most people think of old-timey diners, with jukeboxes, small cheeseburgers, and ginormous chocolate milkshakes. It might not be the age of poodle skirts and greaser hair, but retro is making a comeback in home décor.

Check Out Secondhand Shops for Vintage Décor

When you want interior design that stands out for its uniqueness, take a look at secondhand shops for some awesome vintage décor. You might find clocks and other wall hang-able décor accents. Or, perhaps you will find a canister of still-good paint from the olden days. Either way, most secondhand shops offer half-price and other huge discounts on retro stuff for your interior designs.

Be on the Lookout for Genuine Antiques

While most retro home décor consists of knock-offs from the oldies [but goodies], there are a few places that cater to the lovers of genuine antiques. You might find a treasure at a secondhand shop. But, if you are specifically going somewhere for authentic retro antiques, go to an antiques dealer or a vintage shop. You will find piles of amazing stuff that people simply didn’t want cluttering up their attics anymore. And most of those items are in superb condition, especially if it’s a recognized antique.

Consult a Professional in Antiques and Vintage Stuff

When in doubt, consult an antiques and vintage décor professional. Yep, that is actually a legit job title. There are dozens of people that have turned their passion for retro stuff into a profession that helps other like-minded interior designers. You can probably find a knowledgeable someone via word-of-mouth advertisements among your friends. Or, check the net for antique experts in your area.

Retro décor is a sought-after interior design concept that has become more popular in the last few years. Lucky for you, this article is a helpful guide in where you can find the best vintage stuff to finish off your interior designs.